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Certified Civilian Training

Civilian Training Events

Certified Training Sat 6-15-24

Civilian Training Sat 6-29-24

Civilian Training 7-6-24

Civilian Training 7-13-24

Civilian Training 7-20-24

Civilian Training 8-3-24

Civilian Training 8-17-24

Civilian Training 8-31-24

Civilian Training 7-6-24

Shooting League Tournament

Shooting Tournament 6-15-24

Shooting Tournament 6-29-24

Shooting Tournament 7-27-24

Shooting Tournament 7-6-24

Shooting Tournament 8-10-24

Shooting Tournament 8-24-24



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12 Gauge Shotgun Round 10 Count

Byrna 12 Gram Co2 + Oiler-10 Count

Byrna 8 Gram CO2 +

Byrna 88 Gram CO2

Byrna Bad Guy Repellent-Max-2 oz

Byrna Bad Guy Repellent-Max-.5 Oz - 2 Pack

Byrna Banshee-Black

Byrna Banshee-Green

Byrna Banshee-Orange

Byrna Banshee-Pink

Byrna Crimson Trace Rail Master Flash Light

Byrna Eco-Kinetic Projectiles-400 Count

Byrna Eco-Kinetic Projectiles-95 Count

Byrna Kinetic Projectiles-95 Count

Byrna Magazine 5 Round - 2 Count

Byrna Magazine Defender-2 Count

Byrna Oiler Kit

Byrna Pro Training Inert-Projectiles-95 Count

Byrna Sudecon Irritant Decontamination Wipe - 4 Count

Byrna Target Trap - Small

CUPOLSTER - Fits BYRNA- HD,SD,XL,EP,LE (Includes UNGUNN Conceal Hat)

Life Sized Tent Target

Quick Cuffs 10-Pack

Reflex Protect Pocket 1.9oz (MK-3) Presidia Gel with Clip

Byrna Pistol Launchers

Byrna Law Enforcement-Kinetic-Blk

Byrna Law Enforcement-Kinetic-Org

Byrna Law Enforcement-Pepper-Blk

Byrna Law Enforcement-Pepper-Org

Byrna SD HiViz-Kinetic-Org

Byrna SD-Kinetic-Blk

Byrna SD-Kinetic-Org

Byrna SD-Kinetic-Tan

Byrna SD-Pepper-Blk

Byrna Rifle Launchers

Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR)

Mission 4 Kit

Conceal Carry Purses

Jessie & James Cheyenne Crossbody - Brown

Jessie & James Cheyenne Crossbody - Cognac

Jessie & James Hannah Crossbody - Black

Jessie & James Hannah Crossbody - Sand

Jessie & James Piper Crossbody - Black

Jessie & James Robin Crossbody - Black

Jessie & James Robin Crossbody - Tan

Lady Conceal Hailey Crossbody - Black

Lady Conceal Jeri Crossbody - Cheetah

Lady Conceal Oaklee Crossbody - Mahogany

Lady Conceal Skylar Crossbody - Burgundy/Black

Presidia Gel

MK-IV (3.3 OZ.) Duty Belt Presidia Gel

Presidia Gel Keychain Unit

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