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  • Made of Nylon/Polycarbonate
  • UNBREAKABLE: Made from high-quality nylon/polycarbonate, once these flex cuffs are on, they won't be coming off. Only a pair of scissors or a knife can free a restrained person from these strong handcuffs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: These are ultra-light handcuffs so you can carry as many as you need without discomfort or excess weight. They also take up less space than regular metal police handcuffs.
  • DISPOSABLE: Single-use hand restraints allow the suspect to remain cuffed during the entire booking process and the arresting officer doesn't need to worry about getting their cuffs back, because they're disposable restraints, making them a great choice for law enforcement restraints.
  • ACT FAST: The cord forms two loops and will restrain an individual with just one simple move. You can also secure a suspect to the rail of a stretcher in an ambulance for safer transportation to the hospital. Where it's law enforcement or home protection, these soft handcuffs can get the job done.
  • UNPREDICTABLE SITUATIONS: Whether you're an undercover law enforcement officer or civilian with a need to detain an attacker, these soft handcuffs are perfect no matter the situation. There's no better option for restraining multiple suspects, making these a perfect addition to your personal defense equipment.

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