Below are some common questions we help answer for folks interested in our Byrna Launcher and related products. Please contact us if you cannot find an answer to your question.

What is the Bryna SD?

The Byrna SD (Self Defense) is a compact non-lethal personal security device developed by Byrna Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: BYRN). We believe it to be the safest and most effective non-lethal self-defense weapon on the market today.

The Byrna SD shoots .68 caliber projectiles that are filled with a powerful chemical irritant. The projectiles are designed to burst upon impact and disperse a cloud of powerful pepper and tear gas powder.

The Byrna SD is manufactured using glass-reinforced polymers and aircraft-grade aluminum. It contains over 100 precision parts, incorporating technology from real firearms and gas-fired launchers.

Is the Bryna Considered to be a firearm by the beureay of alcohol tobacco and firearms?

No. The Byrna SD is powered by compressed CO2 cartridges, just like a paintball or airsoft gun.

How can I take my Bryna with me when I travel by air?

We recommend you check individual airline and airport regulations as well as TSA rules (all of which are subject to change) before traveling with your Byrna. Several domestic airline carriers allow you to carry an unloaded Byrna, or similar launcher like a paintball or airsoft gun, in checked luggage.

Most airlines do not permit the transport of CO2 cartridges or self-defense rounds, so we recommend ordering them to be delivered to your intended destination before traveling by air.dd an answer to this item.

I'm worried the police could think the Byrna is a real gun and shoot me or my child.

The Byrna is available in a number of colors including Safety Orange. The Byrna is intended for self-defense in situations where police are not present to offer assistance and should not be drawn when police or armed security personnel are present. Byrnas are not equipped with an orange tip to identify them as toys because they are not toys, and we do not sell to anyone under 18.

Use of the Byrna offensively or in furtherance of a crime is illegal and may subject you to civil and criminal penalties, including incarceration.

You should never draw your Byrna in the presence of a police officer acting in his professional capacity or you may be shot.dd an answer to this item.

What kind of CO2 cartridge do I need for the Byrna SD?

Byrna SD Launchers are powered by 8-gram Byrna CO2 cartridges. There is no standard size among suppliers so we recommend you use Byrna brand cartridges which may be purchased at a Byrna Bash event. Use of non-conforming cartridges may compromise your Byrna’s performance and may damage your Byrna, voiding your warranty.

How Long will a CO2 cartridge last?

Byrna CO2 cartridges have a virtually indefinite shelf life. The cartridge is not pierced until the trigger is pulled so you can always keep an un-punctured CO2 cartridge in your Byrna to maximize its utility for self-defense. The Byrna incorporates puncture technology to allow it to fire on the first trigger pull. We recommend loading a new CO2 cartridge after every sustained use of the Byrna because once the cartridge is punctured CO2 will leak out over 24 hours.

How many projectiles can I fire on a CO2 cartridge?

A single Byrna 8-gram CO2 cartridge should consistently fire 15 - 20 projectiles. The Byrna 12-gram CO2 cartridge should consistently fire 25 - 30 projectiles.

Does the Byrna require any maintenance?

Yes. Please refer to the operating manual.  Relying on a tool for your protection means you need to ensure that the tool stays properly taken care of, and one of the great parts about the Byrna launchers is how easy they are to maintain. Here is a short BYRNA PRO TIP video that explains how to maintain your launcher with our oiler and brush kit:

Will the Byrna Chemical Irritant Projectiles burst if someone is wearing a puffy jacket?

Byrna Chemical Irritant Projectiles are constructed to break on impact so a puffy jacket, loose clothing or anything that partially absorbs the force of that impact can make them less effective. The Byrna can be aimed to impact the ceiling above the target, the wall next to the target or a nearby tree if they present a more accessible point of impact. Here is a short Byrna Pro Tip video where we discuss your options for shot placement during encounters where impacting someone directly may not be your best option, or not an option at all: .


12-Gauge Shotgun Round - FAQ's 

What types of shotguns are compatible with the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition?

All 12 gauge shotguns with a standard cylinder bore and improved cylinder bore choke can fire the Byrna 12 gauge rounds but the following shotguns have been extensively tested:

  • Remington 870
  • Mossberg 590
  • Kel Tec KSG

How loud is the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition blast registration?

< 117 decibels… 16 times quieter then a traditional shotgun blast and a similar report to our .68 caliber CO2 launchers. No hearing protection is required when shooting the Byrna 12 gauge rounds.

How much gunpowder does the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition contain?

The Byrna 12 gauge round contains no gunpowder and is powered only by a primer.

Does the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition have any recoil?

The Byrna 12 gauge rounds have almost no perceived recoil.

What is the effective range of the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition?

100 feet

What safety precautions should be taken when handling the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition?

As with any firearm, all normal firearm safety precautions should be taken:

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire
  • Treat every shotgun as if it is loaded
  • Do not point the shotgun at anything you do not intend to shoot
  • Be aware of your target and what’s behind it before firing

What are the storage requirements for Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition?

Byrna 12 gauge ammunition should be kept in a dry area out of weather elements for longer lasting storage

How does the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal shotgun ammunition compared to the current less-lethal options in the marketplace?

Most “less-lethal” ammunition on the market is sold as a novelty and has little effect on the target. All less-lethal shotgun ammunition currently used by law enforcement has a much more limited range and limited use types.

Is the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition legal in all 50 states?

Yes! Byrna 12 gauge rounds are legal in all 50 states, but check your local regulations before purchasing.

What is the shelf life of the Byrna 12-gauge less lethal ammunition?

If stored correctly, the Byrna 12 gauge rounds are warrantied to last 3 years.


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