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Step into the future of vehicle holster solutions with the patent-pending Cupolster® BRAVO SERIES by Vets Tactical. Our revolutionary design, featuring a 20-degree cant, offers the perfect angle for handgun retrieval and sets a new standard in vehicle holster innovations. Leverage your firearm accessibility with customization and sizing tools that equip your vehicle’s existing cup holder with the convenient Cupolster. When seconds matter most, the BRAVO SERIES Cupolster ensures fast and comfortable firearm access from cup holders closer to the vehicle’s dashboard. The ambidextrous Cupolster BRAVO SERIES can be configured for cross-draw positioning for right and left-handed users and features a fully covered trigger guard.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Position: The 20-degree cant optimizes the Cupolster BRAVO SERIES’ position in vehicle cup holders by providing unparalleled accessibility and an ergonomic fit for quick firearm access.
  • Swift Accessibility: Encounter the swiftest access to your handgun, delivering a crucial advantage in urgent situations.
  • Seamless Installation: Fitted to standard vehicle cup holders (YETI® size), the BRAVO SERIES integrates easily into your vehicle’s interior.
  • Adaptability: Enhance compatibility with smaller cup holders using the CHARLIE ALPHA Cup Adapter (sold separately), expanding the Cupolster’s adaptability across various vehicles. Easily transfers from one vehicle to another.

Handgun Compatibility:

BRAVO ONE LAUNCHER: Fits all Byrna Launcher models.

  • Byrna: HD,SD,XL,EP,LE

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